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We are a team of multi-disciplinary problem solvers

Working at MyrLabs

At MyrLabs, you have the opportunity to work on real-world problems and see the solutions make an impact in the world. Our innovation-focused culture encourages continuous learning and molds you into a multi-disciplinary problem solver as we expose you to opportunities that develop your skills and expertise. We are currently looking to hire fresh engineers and proven scientists with backgrounds in Computer Science, Software Development, Electronics, or Robotics.

From Here into Our Offices

  • Find a way to engage with us

    For Undergrads:

    The best way to get our attention is via attachments or class/final-year projects. We usually support you by providing use cases, funds, equipment, and relevant interactions with our partners if we are interested in your engagement proposal.

    For Graduates:

    Send us your CV and a short write-up of your experience and interests. Looking out for us at trade shows and exhibitions is also great way for us to size each other up.

    In general, we bias towards hiring individuals whom we have worked with or are recommended by industry and academic partners that we work with.
  • Interviews

    Meet with the MyrLabs team to talk about our company and see how we could contribute to each others' growth.

  • Testing Week

    Come onsite for up to a week to see if there is a good fit between you and our teams.

  • Join a high-performing team

    Find your niche and start working with your team.

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