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NaviStar - Next-generation Positioning System

NaviStar is a wireless positioning system created by MyrLabs to enable robots to overcome the limitations of LIDAR-based localization and navigation. NaviStar uses a new positioning technique that IS NOT based on traditional TDoA, TOA, or AOA techniques. This proprietary technique eliminates the need for handshakes between devices and the use of external servers for processing.

NaviStar has achieved centimeter accuracy in 2D+3D space, 20Hz update rate, and operates in a server-free manner. With NaviStar, robots are freed from their fixed paths, can move at high speeds, and can operate in complex areas with reflective surfaces and human+robot crowds. This means that NaviStar-equipped robots will be able to operate in non-traditional areas, unlock new robot use cases, and achieve higher productivity than their non-NaviStar equipped counterparts.

NaviStar is now undergoing radio certification

We are currently looking for partners globally to test bed and trial NaviStar.
Our objective is to explore impactful use cases and to generate success stories.
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