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There are jobs, and then there are careers.

The chance to work on problems that are meaningful. The opportunity to challenge norms and push boundaries. The prospect of being surrounded by curious, intelligent, and ambitious people, day-in and day-out. This is what you can expect at MyrLabs.

Sound appealing? Consider joining us.

Our Mission

Deliver next-generation robot solutions and lead the market in engineering research for robot technologies

MyrLabs is built around the belief that innovation should not be timid steps, but bold moves towards awe-inspiring outcomes. Anyone can build an incrementally better product, but building game-breaking solutions is tough. That requires sparks of intuition, connections between different ways of thinking, and leaps into the unexpected. It is not for everyone, but it is meaningful and fulfilling work.

Exciting challenges lie ahead for us -- new problems to solve, technologies to develop, and large corporates to work with. We are backed by investors and partners who believe in our endeavours, and we are actively growing our team.

We recruit, not hire

Getting into MyrLabs is not easy. This is because we choose our new team mates very carefully. To us, applicants are not fungible cogs to fill holes in a machine, but unique people with the potential to make us an even greater company. We spend a lot of effort to figuring out if we like our applicants and if they would be a good fit, and then, when they are in, even much more effort to develop opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

For students, the best way to get our attention is to work with us through an internship or school project. We usually support you by providing use cases, funds, equipment, and relevant interactions with our partners if we are interested in your proposal.

Working at MyrLabs

Working at MyrLabs is like going through a PhD programme where the thesis is a commercial product and the defense committee is the market.

The primary driver of stress will be the constant challenge to re-evaluate the paradigms of how things ought to work. We bias towards outcomes that deliver 'next practices' instead of mainstream 'best practices'. This means that Rip & Duplicate work annoy us, catching up to Prof X in University Y bore us, and petty incremental improvements do not interest us. We place a lot of emphasis on aggressive knowledge gathering, creative formulation, and vigourous exploration of new possibilities and application areas.

Succeeding in MyrLabs requires being open to developing into a certain mindset rather than fitting into a pre-defined mould. For many, this would be a tough barrier to overcome. If you are not someone that thrives on excellence, candour, and change... this is not the place for you.

What are we looking for?

The majority of our positions are for engineering roles. Applicants with a relevant Bachelors or Masters in the fields of Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems, Computer Science, or Robotics will likely be a good fit. We are also keen on applicants who are able to demonstrate proof of exceptional talent.

The critical requirement for any of our positions is good communication skills. Not just for the intellectual discussions that you would participate in, but also for socializing with everyone else in MyrLabs. Applicants who are not native English speakers must score a minimum of 7.0 for IELTS or 90 for TOEFL.

Foreign applicants must also graduate from an acceptable institution recognised by the Ministry of Manpower or from institutions that are of comparable and equivalent standards to those in the sample list.

For polytechnic graduate applicants, we are keen if your coursework is relevant. However, we will require that you be to open to committing to a part-time B.Eng course at a public university during the course of your employment. It will be a tiring and gruelling journey, but we will tailor your work to support your studies and also revise your salary to recognize your years of experience upon graduation.

Navigating The Interview Process

We are generally expeditious when scheduling interviews and the process from application to offer can be completed within 1-2 weeks.

If you are invited for an interview and need financial support, we may reimburse you for the following: childcare or adultcare for dependents, loss of hourly pay, translation services if you are deaf or hard of hearing, or transportation costs if you have a physical disability.

The process starts when we ask you to take the MBTI test. We understand its limitations, so do not worry about your result. We see it as a preliminary means to understand you and do not use the results as an indicator of whether we select you.

Next, you would be invited to a lunch or dinner with at least three of us. We will ask questions to understand your experiences, examine your expertise, and also share our management philosophy. The meal is our treat, so if you have any dietary preferences, please let us know early.

After the meal, if we feel that you are a good fit for the company, we will invite you for the behaviourial interview. This interview can stretch to 3-4 hours long and you will be assessed based on a series of questions. The questions are primarily designed for us to observe your natural propensity towards certain scenarios, and to help us understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. At the end of this interview, we will make an offer for your employment.


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